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Drawing classes for Kids - what to expect

Updated: May 1, 2022

Knowing how to draw is not something that people are born or gifted with, but requires skills and practice. A LOT of practice. If you like drawing, then you can draw.

My approach to teaching is to catch the thought “I’m no good at” before a child believes it to be true. That negative self talk (“no good at”) can block a child from realising their potential. Learning the skills (my part) with lots of practice (their part) I hope will, catch those negative thoughts before they take hold and are believed.

Here's what to expect

  • simple and clear instructions on how to draw

  • a safe space to create for everyone

  • use minimal and affordable materials

During class kids will

  • learn how to draw faces, bodies, food, flowers, a dragon, a star (to many to list here)

  • haven an opportunity to develop their own stories or single panel drawings using what they have learnt or their own creations

  • have a say about what they want to do so that each class is a little unique to the group.

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