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Drawing classes for Adults - what to expect

Updated: May 4, 2022

The heart of these classes is to make art accessible. I want the student leaving knowing that with a few simple rules, and inexpensive materials, they can make unique art which reflects their personality and creative style.

These are very simple classes. We use an ink pen to make shapes, and then slap on some water colour. That's it. Promise.

Here's what to expect

  • simple and clear instructions on how to draw

  • a safe space for everyone

  • use of minimal and affordable materials

Here's what some of the students have had to say about Drawing Flowers - Line Drawing

I enjoyed the simple instructions, supportive environment and relaxing atmosphere. It was good to be given a basic tool set to start. Karen

Relaxing atmosphere, structured but not strict. Jesse

Very casual, relaxing. Anon

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