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Drawing 1 flower every day for a month

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Join me in drawing a flower or plant every day for one month. I participated in #Inktober last year and it was a lot of hard work - but it was amazing for my skills - and left me with lots of illustrations I was able to re-use. Just the research into each topic alone expanded my world. This year, I discovered people created their own list. And thought - why not create my own list? I’m currently studying floristry and thought this could help with my studies. These are the prompts

  1. Sea Holly

  2. Lily

  3. Anemone

  4. Hibiscus

  5. Flannel Flower*

  6. Daisy

  7. Gladioli

  8. Sweet William

  9. Lavender

  10. Rose

  11. Leucadendron

  12. Ivy

  13. Sunflower

  14. Banksia*

  15. Carnations

  16. Geranium

  17. Helleborus

  18. Carmelia

  19. Wattle*

  20. Parsley

  21. Poppy

  22. marigold

  23. Eucalyptus Gum*

  24. Hydrangea

  25. Monstera

  26. WARATAH*

  27. Peony

  28. Dahlia

  29. Thryptomene*

  30. Jasmin

  31. Bird of Paradise

*Australian native flower

Inktober is created by @jakeparker and the goals of the challenge in his words are to help artists:

  • better at drawing

  • find other cool artists

  • grow an audience for their work

Please feel free to join me or spread the word and tag your drawings with

#Inktober2021flowers #inktober #inktober2021

and tag me @dina_illustrates - I would love to see what you create

There are no rules - you can use any medium.

To find out more about the official prompt list visit and @inktober

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