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That sweet spot, where values meet creativity.

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I created this illustration for International Women's Day - on the 8th of March 2022, which I posted on Instagram. It was that sweet spot of where my values met my creativity. Drawing this flowed out of me. It took about 15 min to lay the first lines (most of which I've kept) and expresses what I hold dear, in all its anatomical imperfections.

And what is it I hold dear?

Simply that women be treated equally as men, in opportunity and choices.

That we acknowledge that we have some way to go and to not dismiss this ideal - purely by pointing to another injustice as a way of minimizing it.

I stand strong on my beliefs, but I'm not across all the nuances and the history of feminism, so I'm not so loud about it. I'm sure there are some flaws in the movement - which people are keen to point out - and without deep knowledge of them, I avoid going there. Simply because I have no interest in engaging in a conversation where I can't back up my point with hard facts. So I go about it passively... mindful that it's really not enough.

By passively... I do it through drawings... I work on projects which seek to impart information and to increase one's knowledge and understanding which allows them to take greater ownership of their life and choices. A small step, and one that can't work alone. Nonetheless... a step.


My mother had me at the age of 38. I really only have memories of her in her 40s and 50's and what I recall was nothing but pure strength. Mum was very quiet about it. No bragging. Always in the shadow of more outspoken people, and never fought for any of the attention.

Today she is much slower and tells me many of her stories of living in Greece, and what little choices she had. And as =she tells them, I'm struck by how she's not outraged by the injustices - like I am - and as I listen.... I realise just how far we have come... although we still have a way to go.

*please forgive grammar & spelling mistakes - drawing is my first language.

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